Relevant for clients who wish to specifically improve upon their knowledge and understanding of business-oriented English. Generally applicable for those whose English language skills are at an intermediate through to a higher level, who work within a corporate environment where English is required.


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Business communication

Communicative tasks, such as discussions and negotiations form the foundations of the modern business world today. Themes include: attending meetings, giving presentations, interviewing candidates, summarising reports and documents, describing your employment, ordering and supplying products, and many other relevant topics.

Reading & Comprehension

By using contemporary business texts such as, stories, dialogue extracts and personal accounts, together with more specifically business themed documents, students will become more familiar with business terms and phrases commonly used in the international world of modern business, and will subsequently be able to apply them in their own work.

Writing & Grammar

From writing business plans, recording inventories, completing summaries and reports, to emailing international colleagues, students will learn how to do so correctly, using appropriate business termimology and phrasology - British English. In addition, the difference between a formal and informal writing style will be clarified.


English is full of phrases, colloquialisms, idioms and sayings, many of which are confusing, yet commonplace in the world of business. For example, meetings might well start, but they might just as well kick off. By familiarising themselves with such ‘ways of speaking,’ students will become more ‘English confident’ when in the workplace.

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