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English for education

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Upper-primary education

Private tutoring for pupils in years 8, 9 and 10 of folkeskole.


Private tutoring for ages 16+ (e.g. gymnasium, handelsskole, VUC etc.), covering Engelsk C - A.

official english language exams

Private tutoring regarding preparation for internationally approved English exams (e.g. IELTS, Cambridge English)

Upper-primary & Secondary Education

Focus areas:

Grammar: Examples: (i) Learn/clarify the differences between the different verb tenses, and when to use the present continuous as opposed to the simple form. (ii) Practise using prepositions and phrasal verbs so you can apply them correctly in your writing. (iii) Recognise the differences in meaning between confusing words (homophones) such as ‘whose vs. who’s/ advice vs. advise.’

Vocabulary: Help with broadening your word bank/terminology. Exercises and suitable tasks to help your writing/speaking skills become more developed, refined and hence more advanced.

Reading/Discussion: It is always helpful to practise reading aloud and discussing set texts so that your pronunciation, together with your overall knowledge and understanding of the language becomes more secure and natural-sounding.

Exam Preparation: Revision strategies, from re-reading to analysing and evaluating texts, can help you with actual exam techniques.

*Proofreading – It is always helpful and beneficial to have a text/essay proofread for grammar/punctuation errors etc. *More relevant for gymnasium students.

Please note that the list is by no means exclusive, if there is a certain language point that you need focusing on then just ask.

Official English Language exams

Focus areas:

– Often an English qualification beyond those attained at e.g. Gymnasium, is required if:

(i) A student wishes to continue studying abroad in the UK, USA or other English-speaking countries. (ii) Further study is to take place in Denmark at an education establishment where the course itself is taught either predominately or exclusively in English.

There are therefore specific international English examinations, such as IELTS and Cambridge English, that students may sit in order to attain this additional qualification.

Learn English Today offers private tutoring lessons, using the relevant key textbooks/resources that help students prepare for all the key disciplines that such examinations test (writing / reading / speaking / listening).

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