Below you can learn more about what Learn English Today can offer you, as well as view our variety of booster lessons and package-deals.

& Pricing

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Qualified Native English Teacher

The benefits are many, when being taught by a teacher who has over 25 years teaching experience using the English language.

Comfortable Teaching Location

Tuition is made easy for you – as a rule, teaching takes place at the firm address in Køge, but can also be arranged to take place at your own home/office, if preferred (within Køge/Roskilde area.)

courses suited to your situation

Various tuition options are offered: from one-off booster-lessons, to 10 and 20 lesson packages. *Please contact for other specific tutition requests.

extras - textbook & custom material

Privately-owned, custom-made mater-ials can be produced to suit your individual learning style and abilities.

Flexible Tuition

In today’s busy world, fitting in extra courses on top of work can be difficult. Therefore, Learn English Today aims to be flexible in terms of the duration of sessions and the specific time at which they’re taught.

Lesson/Courses can be:

  • Fixed times/days each week or fornightly
  • (Alternatively) Varying times/days depending on your work schedule
  • Late afternoon/early evening sessions available
  • Duration of lesson is either 1.5/2 hours (most popular options)
  • Longer sessions possible by arrangement (e.g. 3 hours)

How many lessons do I need?

This is one of the most common questions students ask themselves, and is without doubt challenging for the teacher to accurately answer. For this reason, before beginning a set-course (not the intensive booster session) a 30-minute complimentary meeting will take place to discuss student expectations.


520.00 kr
4900.00 kr
9400.00 kr

Payment info:

*How? Payment for tuition can be made in either of two ways: 1) through MobilePay, or 2) by bank tranfer.

**When? Payment for tuition should be made in the period between the introductory welcome meeting and the first planned lesson.

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